Another World

by Will And The Won'ts

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black and blue markings
my best friends are walking
across my face
across my face
nothing is shocking
art means nothing
I can’t relate
I can’t relate

My old way of thinking
is now devoid of meaning
I’ve lost my place
I’ve lost my place
the pressure is mounting
to achieve everything
for the human race
the human race

I Just wanna live in another world
where there is less at stake
I just wanna live in another world
where no one knows my name

I study the election
to get a sense of direction
but we’ve lost our way
in this endless maze
I expressed my opinions
no one agreed with them
It feels so strange
that nothing will change

I talk to my woman
she understands my problems
she’s got them too
doesn’t know what to do
everyone I speak to
has got no one to reach to
They’re black and blue
Just like me, just like you


released August 25, 2016



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Will And The Won'ts Los Angeles, California


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